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Ground levelling and excavation work

Many of our garden landscaping projects involve ground levelling and re shaping in order to install new patios or paths and especially in terraced gardens where large amounts of soil etc have to be removed or moved to other parts of the garden. In order to make this process more cost effective we use mini diggers and ground excavators to speed things up and deal with large amounts of materials. We also use machinery where appropriate to lay footings for new stone or brick retaining walls. Footings for garden sheds and garden structures are also dug out using diggers and where large amounts of top soil is required we use dumpers and motorised barrows. We are trained and insured for such machinery.

Drainage and soak away systems

Due to changing weather conditions we have found that excess rainwater can cause havoc and flood many gardens during the winter months. With this in mind and where appropriate we can install drainage and soak away systems and drainage channels in our patio installations. In the photo on the right you can see that we are installing a porous pipe and gravel soak away alongside this property in order to direct excess rainwater further down the garden and into a main soak away to prevent water building up near the house and causing damp.


Ground Clearance & Levelling

Top Soil & Gravels

Footing & Concrete Paths

Drainage & Soak Away’s

Patio Drainage Channels

Galleys & Down Pipes

Mini Digger & Dumper Hire