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Conwy Landscapes provides a full range of lawn care services including the supply and laying of new turf. The first thing to take into account when laying a turf lawn is that although turf can be laid at pretty much any time of the year, it is best to try and lay it in the spring or autumn months. This is the optimum time to allow the turf to bed in without it having to compete with harsh frosts and also heavy snow falls in winter months.

Although there are a variety of turfs to choose from it is recommended by garden experts that you use meadow turf, as this is best to act as a hard wearing lawn.


Ground Clearance & Preparation

In order to prepare the ground for the turf to be laid it is important to make sure the ground is clear of anything that might prevent the turf from bedding in properly. It is imperative that the ground is cleared of all existing plant growth i.e. weeds, any tree stumps or roots, old bushes etc, and also any rubble or masonry. If you have an existing lawn that is beyond repair we will remove it in its entirety - we don’t try and lay a turf lawn over an existing grass lawn as this will lead to no end of difficulties in the future.

We also make sure that all perennial weeds have been destroyed and chances of them returning minimised as much as possible. Weeds such as dandelions which have so called 'tap roots' (roots that go deep underground), stinging nettles, dock leaves etc are all rapid growers so ensuring that both they and their roots are removed is a major step in ensuring your turf lawn is protected and allowed to flourish once laid.


Before we lay the new turf the area will be levelled and extra screened top soil added if necessary. At this stage we can add sharp grit sand to aid drainage if required.

Laying The Turf

Our turf is supplied in rolls approximately 30 cm wide and it is laid on the levelled ground and tapped down to release any air pockets. Once laid we can cut out and shape borders if desired and finally a good watering in is done. We also provide our customers with after care advice with watering, cutting and feeding.